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May 2018

Alameda Council Camporee!


"I've learned more as a Scoutmaster than I ever imagined. What a rewarding experience."

Doug, Scoutmaster

"I have learned a lot in Scouts that I never would have learned otherwise."

Frasier, Life Rank

“I was mainly interested in Scouts because I love camping but I've made great friends and have had fun."

Miles, Star Rank


Scout Activities

We participate in many scouting activities, including camping, canoeing and hiking. We also give back to the community by creating and participating in a variety of service oriented community projects. Check out our current calendar for upcoming activities! 

July 2019

Camp Chawanakee!

Join our Troop

July 2018

Camp Hi-Sierra! 

Every troop is different. Troop 11 is special because we are a tolerant, casual, fun and family-oriented group with an emphasis on doing the right thing and having fun.

We welcome scouts and parents of all backgrounds. We know that what makes a great team is a combination of great players and great coaches. In Troop 11, we are lucky enough to have both. 

Want to have fun and learn while you're trying new things? Join Troop 11 and see what it is like to be a Scout! 

Why Troop 11 Scouts?

Tree Hotine:


We are an active, family-oriented troop, and we are always excited to have new members. Many scouts enter in 5th or 6th grade. However, any boy can join and participate anytime up until the age of 18.



BSA in the News

For the latest news and information on Boy Scouts of America, check their website here or our own information page on this website.