How to Contact the Treasurer

Email ​ ​

​Expense Reimbursement

Please email the treasurer a brief description of your expense plus scanned receipt to initiate reimbursement. You have two options for receiving your reimbursement:

1) Inter-bank transfer
You will receive funds directly into your bank account within minutes up to 2 business days (depending on your bank). You will need to sign up with your bank for Zelle transfers (supported by all major banks). Then simply specify the email address you used for Zelle signup when you email your reimbursement request to the treasurer (no need to initiate a payment request within Zelle). Note that the treasurer will NOT need to know your account number to use Zelle. No more lost checks and/or depositing checks.

2) Check

You will receive a check in the mail within ~5 business days from when the reimbursement is entered by the treasurer. For your first reimbursement request you will have to also email the treasurer your full name and address so you can be established as a payee with the troop's bank. 

Payment / Donations

If you owe money or would like to donate money to the troop you have two options to pay:

1) Submit an inter-bank transfer via Zelle to 
2) Hand a check to the treasurer

Scout Account

Transactions and balances for all Scout Accounts can be accessed in real-time. You will need to sign up for access by providing a Google account email to the treasurer. 

The first tab "Scount Accounts" lists all the information. As with any savings account positive numbers indicate a credit, negative numbers indicate a balance due.

Please note that CTPU credits are only posted once as a lump sum at the conclusion of each CTPU year. The scout account won't show you updates from individual tree sales. For individual tree sales tracking use your own tracking for offline sales and Paypal reports  (see Financial Account Access below) for online sales. 

Tree Sales / Membership Fees

All details on tree sales and membership fees can also be found in the Scout Accounts GoogleSheet (see above for access). 

The second tab "Tree Sales" lists subtotals for cash, check and PayPal sales. It also lists the annual adjustment to Scout Accounts based on total sales and annual membership fee: The annual membership fee is deducted from total sales. If a scout sold less than the membership fee the remainder is debited to the Scout Account. If a scout sold more than the membership fee half of the surplus is credited to the Scout Account (with the other half going to the troop). 

For the underlying transaction details check out tabs "PayPal" and "Checks".  

Financial Account Access

If you would like 24/7 read access to our bank and/or PayPal account (to see account balances and transactions) please send your full name and email address to the treasurer. Once access is granted you can use Chase and PayPal web tools or mobile apps to access the information.