Sponsoring Organization:

Rotary Club of Alameda, CA

Troop Leadership

Scouts offers an opportunity to participate in various leadership responsibilities on a rotating basis. For a full list and description of all possible leadership positions, please visit the BSA Troop Positions page describing leadership roles and positions in Scouts.  

Current Troop 11 leaders listed below.


Scout Master: Doug Mackenzie

Junior Assistant Scout Master: Jeremy Harris

Senior Patrol Leader: Teru Khan
Assist. Senior Patrol Leader:  ​Keller Brandt
Troop Guides: N/A
Quartermaster: Miles Grayson
Scribe: Fionn Meagher
Librarian: Temuka Otgonbayar
Bugler: Lawrence Wu
Historian: Lawrence Wu
Order of the Arrow Representative: Sam Meyer
Webmaster: Nathaniel Basco

Adult Leadership

Committee Chair: Lisa Appleyard

Treasurer: Mark Theiding

Advancement Chair:​ Lynn Landry
Assistant Scout Masters:  Jeff Britton, Steve Stuck, Jim Meyer, David Grayson

Troop 11 has multiple patrols -- each with their own leadership roles:. Patrols include: 

1) Social Distancing Champion / Loch Ness Monster Patrol: 

Patrol Leader: Callum Theiding;

Assistant Patrol Leader: Lawrence Wu

2) Ender Dragon Patrol: 

Patrol Leader: Tanner Mackenzie;

Assistant Patrol Leader: Benji Abe